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Catch up

Okay, so I just recently decided to FINALLY get a blog, so I figured, instead of posting a bunch of different sessions all on the same day, I’ll just post a few of my favorites from each session…so here we go!

This is my dear friend Jourdan. We worked together for a while and became pretty close and so we decided to do some pictures. Looking back, I see I’ve definitely improved (these were taken last July) and can’t wait to take her family’s pictures again this year after the wedding!


Next up is my cousin Tyler. He was going off to basic training last summer and we decided to take a few pictures the morning he left in his uniform. Some of my very favorites, and I can’t wait for his senior session.


I then had a senior session of the sweetest girl, McKenzie, who was so brave and woke up super early so we could catch the sunrise! She brought her dog and I was loving their interactions.


Then I had a super busy weekend, where I went to Fishlake and took my brother and his family’s pictures. The leaves up there in the fall were gorgeous and I was loving it!


I also took my sis’s kids school pictures while we were up there! We had a blast with these three goofballs.


And then, when I got home from Fishlake, I took an old high school friend’s family pictures. Johnna went to school with me and her kids are about the cutest things I’ve seen that I have no relation to haha!


Miss Emilie and her boy Koen were the lucky winners of a giveaway I did (make sure to follow me on social media so you can enter when I do giveaways) and we got together and took some of the cutest pictures. It took a while to get Koen to smile, and we actually had to make a FaceTime call to his auntie in Hawaii, but we got some great ones!


Next is my sister Libby’s kiddos! Her youngest is quite the hoot and we had fun climbing rocks and getting her to smile.


I also forgot that I took my BFF from high school’s baby’s newborn pictures. It was so cold, and at the end his lips were blue and he wasn’t having any fun, but I think we got some good ones and it was fun catching up with Miss Maggie Dell.


And then, last on this post, my cousin Roxy asked if I’d take her family pictures. Of course! Her girls are some of the cutest kids, and we all got a kick of my sidekick (Lacey) almost falling backwards down a hill! HAHA!


Okay guys, now you are all caught up! Whew! Sorry that was long. Also, sorry my blog is still a little lacking. I am still new and working on getting a logo design! Love you all and thanks for the support!




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